Counselor's Corner

How does the school counselor make a difference for your elementary school student(s)? 
School counselor develops and maintains a comprehensive counseling program containing four components:


Helping all students develop basic life skills in the areas of self confidence, motivation to achieve, decision making, effectiveness and responsible behavior.  This is done through individual classroom and school wide presentations and activities.


With preventive and remedial interventions the counselor works with student, parents and other professionals to move students toward resolution of their problems.  The counselor provides support to students during times of crisis.


Students are guided as they manage their educational and personal-social development.


School counselors consult with teachers and administrators on behalf of students, parents and staff.  The counselor helps in coordinating referrals and community resources for students & families, as needed.

When should a parent contact the school counselor?

1.  When a family change is interfering with your child's academic progress.

2.  When your child needs extra help adjusting to school.

3.  When you need help finding available school or community resources & agencies for your child or family.


A Website for Kids (feelings, health, bullying, etc.) - This is a great website that provides information on various health topics. This website provides a wealth of information for students, parents and educators. It is very user friendly and provides audio for easy listening and even provides information in Spanish! Some of the topics you will find are: Getting along with teacher Bullying Staying safe Dealing with feelings

Bullies: What is Bullying? -  PBS Kids offers great information on bullying for students and parents.

Character First - Character First is the curriculum that is being used to educate our children about good character. This curriculum was adopted district wide and is aligned with our initiative to emphasize and promote character development. Our students will be focusing on a different character quality each month. As part of this initiative, each CCISD teacher received a "Character First" binder with resources on promoting different character traits. As a campus we will be developing and participating in multiple activities to promote good character. The Character Traits we will be studying are as follows: August/September-DILIGENCE October - LOYALTY November- HOSPITALITY December- SENSITIVITY January - ENTHUSIASM February - FLEXIBILITY March - DICERNMENT April- CAUTIOUSNESS May - BOLDNESS

Discipline Help - A free online resource for managing student behavior at school and at home—adapted from the best-selling "You Can Handle Them All" book.