Corpus Christi ISD has online textbooks available to students, parents, and teachers. Teachers will be responsible for showing students how to navigate to their online textbooks and resources. 

If a student has not been issued a textbook, the parent may request a textbook from the assistant principal in charge of textbooks. This of course is subject to availability and student circumstances. However, if a student fails to return a textbook or damages a textbook the student, parent, or guardian is responsible for reimbursement of instructional materials. The average cost of a textbook is $100.
Online textbooks can be a simple and cheaper alternative than a physical textbook, and students will not have to haul around heavy textbooks.  Parents may have access to online textbooks using their students username and password creating a blended learning environment and opportunity for the entire family.  Please see the provided links below for additional information on how to access Online textbooks.

Instructions for Student and Parent Access to Instructional Resources

Access to Student e-books and Resources:

Free WIFI Hotspots Link